​Graham MacDermott


About Graham

Graham MacDermott was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 1950 and spent the first 16 years of his life in the tiny lumber town of Plaster Rock.  In 1969, MacDermott joined the Canadian Armed Forces where he met his wife, Bonnie.  Following his military service he worked as a newspaper reporter, a radio news director and music host.  He left the exciting, hip, world of radio to work at a paper mill where he operated heavy equipment; unloaded logging trucks as a sling-man and did regular shifts in the wet and dry end. During this period, he and Bonnie lived the “back to the land” life on a dilapidated old farmstead in Nova Scotia where they raised sheep, goats, pigs and chickens.

One night, while sitting on a bulldozer waiting for the green light that would tell him to push more wood chips in the giant hopper that fed the mill; he decided it was time to head back to university.  In addition to picking up a private pilot’s license, MacDermott had also started an undergraduate degree while still in the air force.  The couple, now with a young son, Angus, sold the farm and over the next few years MacDermott completed his undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s in Halifax and a graduate diploma in education from McGill University in Montreal.

The young family, expanded now by the addition of daughter, Caitlin, took a teaching assignment in the Quebec Arctic, in the remote Inuit village of Sugluk.  MacDermott taught grades 5, 6 and 7 while Bonnie operated the village library in their home.  There were many adventures and great experiences over the next couple of years.

In 1982 MacDermott made one of the best moves of his life when he took a position teaching in the Radio and Television Arts program at Kingstec Community College in Kentville, NS.  He went back to university part-time and completed a Masters degree and spent the remainder of his academic career with the Nova Scotia Community College retiring as Principal of the Ackerley Campus and the Aviation Institute in Dartmouth, NS, where he and Bonnie now reside.

Revenge River is MacDermott’s first novel featuring former RCMP undercover officer, Kyle McKinley.  A second novel, featuring many of the same characters is well underway. Readers will be well aware that Kyle McKinley’s winter home is in South Texas.  MacDermott said it was just a natural place to have his protagonist live during the cold months since he and Bonnie spent six full winters there after they retired and he was very familiar with the area.  A third Kyle McKinley novel may have the action take place, at least partially, in the great State of Texas.