​​​​​This is my official website created to keep my readers up-to-date on what I'm doing with my novels and poetry.

I hope you like Revenge River which is my first attempt at a full length crime novel.  It took me about two years to write, basically because I'm incredibly lazy and sometimes golfing or just loafing around seem more attractive than writing.

Developing the character of Kyle was particularly interesting as he is considerably older than most protagonists who appear in crime novels.  He's still more than capable but he's well aware that age is catching up. Kyle is reminded of this each time he's with his First Nations pal, Peter  Paul.  He sees a lot of himself in the former US Army Ranger.  When he meets and falls

​​for RCMP officer Marie Arsenault, he wonders for a time that he may be too old for her to have any interest in him.  Most of his fears about age disappear when he finally has to face off with serial killer, Marcel Latour.

My second novel is well underway.  To whet your appetite for the next Kyle McKinley adventure I will be sharing a few scenes over the coming winter months.  Here's a hint of what Kyle will be facing.  The body of a young Asian woman is found in a beaver pond.  Kyle McKinley's old friend Arnie Cousins is missing under mysterious circumstances and Erich Giesel, the wealthy owner of Eagles Nest Lodge keeps flying in a strange  assortment of guests and they're not just there to fish.  Meanwhile, RCMP Staff Sergeant Marie Arsenault has  arrived  to spend a couple of weeks with Kyle at his cabin on the river.  Their relationship blossoms and both find themselves not only embroiled in another adventure together but wondering about what changes they may have to make in their personal lives.  ​

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